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Wilderness Northern Pike flyin fishing lodge in Manitoba Canada. Trophy Canadian walleye and trophy monster northern pike await you at our Manitoba fly in camps. Remote fly in northern wilderness and family vacations can be had by all at Cobham River Lodge & Outposts.


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Cobham River Fishing


Why do 90% of Cobham River Lodge guests rebook year after year?


Cobham River offers you fishing opportunities that many other lodges would love to offer you but can’t, the opportunity to fish where no other fisherman has fished before. Cobham River boasts hundreds of miles of shoreline, and even after more than 28 years of service, we can still offer you areas that have never been fished before.

How’s this you ask? Well Cobham River Lodge is the only lodge for hundreds of water miles, so the only fishermen to fish our waters are the guests of Cobham River Lodge. Since our Lodge only holds a maximum of 16 guests at a time, we can offer our guests a greater opportunity of landing that monster than other lodges that have 400 to 800+ guests per year. This also allows us to give you one on one personal service with our staff. Here, you’re not just another fisherman, but a friend for years to come.

Our guests enjoy fishing for monster Northern Pike in one of the hundreds of cabbage filled weed beds that the Cobham River has to offer. What’s amazing to see is that while your searching these cabbage weed beds for monster Pike, it’s not uncommon to hook into a master Walleye in the same weed bed.

Even though the Cobham River is known for the numerous master Northern Pike and Walleye that are caught and released each year, we still offer you other species that give you their own unique challenge to catch.

For the Fly-Fisherman, mid to late June is when you have the chance to catch trophy White Fish. Just 100 yards from our dock, you are able to stand on our sandy point, and watch as hundreds of White Fish feed on May Flies. This opportunity to catch that master White Fish lasts only a week or so. While fishing for White Fish, you will notice that many Northern Pike are also feeding on these White Fish. This gives you the opportunity to hook on to a master Northern Pike with your fly rod, and might I say let the real battle begin!

Trophy Perch can also be found on the Cobham River. While not as common as the trophy Northern Pike, or Walleye, trophy Perch can be found on the Cobham River with the largest to date being 15.36 inches weighing in at 3.6 lbs.

Now while other lodges boast that they catch and release 50 inch Northern Pike year after year, we also have caught and released our share of 50 inch Northern Pike. The only difference is while they have 800+ fishermen searching for the 50 inch Northern Pike each year, we only have 160 fishermen searching. Where do you think you stand a better chance of catching a trophy of a lifetime?