Manitoba Canada Trophy Northern Pike Fishing Lodge – Cobham River Lodge and Outposts

Wilderness Northern Pike flyin fishing lodge in Manitoba Canada. Trophy Canadian walleye and trophy monster northern pike await you at our Manitoba fly in camps. Remote fly in northern wilderness and family vacations can be had by all at Cobham River Lodge & Outposts.


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Flying into Cobham River


When planning your trip to the Cobham River Lodge or Hidden Lake Outpost, your party will find this information helpful. If you are flying to Winnipeg from the U.S. the best connections are with Northwest Airlines and Air Canada. Check with us when you want to book your airline ticket, we have a travel agent who can save you money on your flight. Our travel agent books thousands of seats on both of these airlines with a destination point of only Winnipeg, but from anywhere in the United States. Due to our early departure flights to the Lodge or Outpost, you may find it easier to spend an evening in Winnipeg.

All departures for the 2006 season will depart from Selkirk Air Service at Selkirk, Manitoba located about a 25 minute drive north of Winnipeg. All of our guests are required to call us at the Lodge when they arrive in

Winnipeg so we can give them their departure information for the next morning. On the day of departure from Winnipeg to the Lodge or Outpost, air charter staff will meet all flying guests at the hotel with transportation to Selkirk. For those driving, we will furnish you with detailed maps to Selkirk where you can leave your vehicle free of charge during your stay. For those guests driving, this speeds up your return trip home upon departure. Our Charter Service staff received excellent marks from our guests during the 2005 season for their helpful service.

For the 2006 season we will allow 90 pounds of weight per guest before excess weight charges. This includes your gear, food and all items. All excess weight over 90 pounds will be charged at a rate of $ 1.50 U.S. funds per pound for the flight from Selkirk. All excess weight charges must be paid at Selkirk Air before departure from the Selkirk airport or it

will not be loaded on the plane for departure with you. Inform me of your soda requirements and I will try to have it for your arrival. The aircraft carries limited cargo with your safety in mind. We do not own any air charter services so be on time for your departure from Selkirk. If you are planning on spending your first evening in Winnipeg, we will be happy to make reservations for your group at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel which is located just across the street from the airport, a great location for our flying guests. The Four Points has a special room rate which they give to all of our guests.

It’s the best place to stay since our air charter services pick up all flying guests there for their trip to the Selkirk River Base. When in Winnipeg, I usually eat at the hotel dining room, Ray & Jerry’s Steak House, Grapes, Marigold Chinese, or Montana’s. All located near the hotel.

The most important thing to remember is to call us at the main Lodge on the evening of your arrival in Winnipeg so we can let you know your departure time and weather reports for your morning of departure. You can reach the Lodge by calling our U.S. number and it will forward to the Lodge. We installed a new internet satellite telephone at the Lodge during 2004 and all our guest’s calls from the Lodge to anywhere in North America are FREE in 2006. We also installed a new High Speed Wireless Internet system at the Lodge in 2004 so our guests can be connected to the world, even from the Lodge and receive their emails. Upon your return to Selkirk, the airline staff will meet your flight and provide transportation for flying guests to their connecting flights at Winnipeg International Airport.

During 2006 most flights will be departing for Hidden Lake on Saturday’s and at the Lodge almost any day of the week. Here is an example of our flight times but remember we are at the mercy of the air charter services as to the actual time.

Selkirk Air
Selkirk Air
  6:30 am  8:30 am  9:00 am11:00 am
  7:30 am  9:30 am10:00 am12:00 pm
  8:30 am10:30 am11:00 am  1:00 pm

These are estimated times and all guests will be informed of exact departure times by our Winnipeg staff in advance of your departure. Most of our guests arrive at their camps early enough in the morning to catch and have shore lunch the first day.

Early departure times from the camps will be used for guests who have connecting flights in Winnipeg. For those of you flying from Winnipeg, do not book any flights departing for the United States before 3:30 pm, that includes the 11:00 am and 1:15 pm flights. We do not take any responsibility for missed flight connections due to weather or booking too early of a flight. Our staff will help with new reservations, and help with people having discounted tickets.

or guests flying to Hidden Lake, we suggest you purchase your food at a local food store in Winnipeg. The hotel will freeze or refrigerate your food and it will be ready for your departure in the morning.

You may purchase your liquor, beer and mix requirements at the Manitoba liquor store located near the Sheraton Four Points Hotel.